The Dream

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash The dream. I've been thinking a lot about that lately. What's your dream? Mine has been, and I imagine always will be, to write books that people read. Do I write purely for the self-satisfaction? Nah. Although there's nothing wrong with that. But even though I enjoy writing (most of the time … Continue reading The Dream

Until You Try….

When I was fourteen, my mom had a milestone birthday. I offered to make her a special birthday dinner. I scanned through her Betty Crocker cookbook and found the perfect meal: Chicken Pot Pie. I didn't love working in the kitchen, and despite my mom's efforts, I preferred to hide in my room and write … Continue reading Until You Try….


Man, what does that title mean? Am I gonna lay down my deepest, darkest fears? Burden you with my low self-esteem issues? Ummm, no thanks. What I am working through, though, is something I feel very insecure about. My writing. Say what now? I received this stamp a few months ago (cool, right?!), yet, I … Continue reading Insecure