About Me

Hmmmm, a few things about me….

I start my day with coffee and end my day with tea, but if one has to go, it’s tea.

My hair takes, like, three hours to dry after a shower.

If I can get some writing into my morning, I’m gonna have the best day ever, and if I can spend some time reading my Bible, I’m gonna have an even better day.

I have a degree in Criminology, and have worked in transition houses, group homes, policy, and social work.

We all struggle. Every single one of us. I believe in the power of GRACE and FORGIVENESS.

If you ask me to tell you about something that happened, you’re gonna get the long version — every time. I’m incapable of short version story-telling.

Being authentic and real is important to me. Being fake just isn’t an option.

Pet peeves? Vaping. I don’t get it, and I don’t wanna get it. If you’re gonna smoke, smoke. And no matter how good your vape flavor smells, it’s still your exhaled breath. Gross.

I love black nail polish, and red lipstick, but I rarely wear either.

I like to smile, and more than anything, I want people to feel welcomed and loved.

I’m so glad you’re here.