The Dream

Dream signage surrounded sequins

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

The dream.

I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately.

What’s your dream?

Mine has been, and I imagine always will be, to write books that people read. Do I write purely for the self-satisfaction? Nah. Although there’s nothing wrong with that. But even though I enjoy writing (most of the time that is – sometimes it’s dang hard), the real goal is to have my words, my stories, read by someone else’s eyes – a whole bunch of ‘someone elses’, in fact.

So, I’m honored that you’ve taken time out of your day to read what I’ve written here.

I had an interview once, at a company that had a creative media department. I was being interviewed for a writing position. The interviewer asked me what I wrote, and I told him poetry, and some short stories (I wasn’t a novelist yet). “But,” I said, “Even if I’m just jotting down a grocery list, I still want an audience.”

You know, in an interview, you’re nervous, and you’re saying silly things. But this comment of mine actually rang really true. I knew that no matter what I wrote, even something totally trivial, I desired for it to be read.

I do write for me, but mostly… I write for you. I write stories that I want you to enjoy. Perhaps they will just be a moment of pleasure for you, or perhaps they will make you think about something in a new way. I don’t know.  You may enjoy what I produce, or you may not.

But as I stand on the precipice of being published (my first novel, Cinnamon Road, will be out this year), I can’t help thinking about the dream.

I love the dream. It’s safe, and full of potential. You don’t know how the dream will materialize yet, and so your options are delightfully open. Everything in ‘the dream’ is cast in the rose-gold light of optimism, cheery and soft around the edges.

And then, the opportunity comes, and you take a step (or a leap) toward accomplishing the dream.

All of a sudden, the edges become hard and well-defined, and you’ve never been more terrified, and you think, “I want to stay in the dream.”

That’s what I’ve been thinking lately. The dream is so comforting. No risk. No work. No haters.


But, really, the dream is only half of the goal, isn’t it? I can write the stories, and put them in the drawers, file them away, and never open myself up for failure… or success.

So I have to take the next step. And so do you.

What’s your dream?



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