Until You Try….

When I was fourteen, my mom had a milestone birthday. I offered to make her a special birthday dinner. I scanned through her Betty Crocker cookbook and found the perfect meal: Chicken Pot Pie.

I didn’t love working in the kitchen, and despite my mom’s efforts, I preferred to hide in my room and write teenage angst-ridden poetry rather than learn the skill of cooking. Still I got out the ingredients for pie crust and got to work.

I didn’t know yet, that perfect, flaky pie crust could be tricky. I didn’t know that putting a whole meal together took time. I didn’t know… much. So I just did it.

And when my mom sat down to her birthday dinner, she was blown away. From place mats to candles to a chicken pot pie that had somehow turned out exactly right, neither of us really knew what I was capable of.

Looking back, I’m pretty convinced that if someone had told me all the things involved in making a whole meal, I would’ve backed out, ordered in, or decided on pancakes for dinner instead.

But at fourteen, I was still young enough to think I could do anything.

The lesson? When we don’t have the voices of naysayers whispering in our ear, we don’t know to be afraid, unsure, or doubtful of our capabilities.

Usually the loudest naysayer lives in our own heads. Shut that one out. Instead, open up the recipe book of your imagination, and begin all the exciting things you never knew you could do.

Because you don’t know, yet, that you can’t.

And here’s the Chicken Pot Pie recipe. You didn’t think I’d leave you hangin’, did you?



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