Story Ideas


I’ll tell you a secret… I sorta pride myself on coming up with original ideas. Whether it be a great birthday gift, or a creative solution to a problem, or even what I wear, I really enjoy using my creative juices to come up with something unique.

So with my writing, I’m not really interested in telling a normal story. I’m not writing boy meets girl, love ensues, enter conflict, boy and girl overcome, cue happily ever after music. At least not the Disney version.

That stuff’s not for me, although it certainly has its place (and a huge following).

What I really enjoy spinning is a psychological tale. I love psychology! I have my degree in criminology, and I like to draw on that too. So, if you’ve ever read one of my short stories, you’ll see traces of both of those. And they all start with this disturbing question: What if…?

What if a woman discovered a homeless man in her back yard, and he was strangely familiar?

What if a woman stopped taking her anti-depressants and convinced herself that her husband was cheating on her?

What if a young girl witnessed the shooting of her Aunt’s abusive husband — and her grandmother was holding the gun?

Hmmm… what if…?

I don’t write fluff, and that means I may not write a feel good story that leaves a smile on your face. However, maybe I”ll write something that will have you questioning what you would do, and will leave you thinking about the characters for awhile.

To me, those are the best and most interesting kinds of stories to read (and write).

Do you agree?


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