Great Escapes

Quotefancy-208553-3840x2160Sometimes I long to escape. Sometimes I struggle to see the beauty, for the horror that we have to experience in this world. Sometimes it seems so awful, and I want to hide my head under my arm and weep.

Perhaps that’s why I’m a writer. Because, in a few gliding strokes of my pen, I can create something different. I can take an idea, and form it on the page, into a new story – one you’ve never heard before.  And maybe for a moment, I can give you relief from whatever you’re needing to escape – a moment where you can forget, and smile again.

That is a gift I can give you. That, and the promise that you were meant for bigger, better things than what this broken world offers.

Did you know that the only purpose the stars have is to look beautiful for you? Just think about that for awhile, and let it blow your mind.

Then lose yourself in a book and escape for awhile if you need to. It will be okay again.

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