Why Bono’s My Boyfriend

I remember the first time I heard the album Achtung, Baby. We were on a family road trip and my cousin had the CD playing in his discman (wow, that’s a blast from the past). I would hijack it every chance I got, and listen to that album over and over. I’m pretty sure I was extremely annoying on that trip, but I was hooked, and have been ever since.

Not only is his voice smooth like buttah, but he’s totally gorgeous. I’m happily married, but Bono is totally my boyfriend (any my hubs is okay with that).

There are a lot of celebrities. So many people are famous, and some are famous for crazy reasons! Sex tapes? For realz? Gosh.

But Bono (and the band) has taken his celebrity, and done something with it. U2 was blessed with the ability to make music, but it wasn’t enough to just entertain.

They wanted to make a difference.

Bono credits their performance at Live Aid 1985 (a benefit concert for the Ethiopian famine) with changing the purpose of the band’s career.  And to this day, they are doing important work while they entertain us with amazing songs, and crazy good concerts.

I’ve traveled all around the world to see these guys. I’ve seen them in Vancouver, Dublin (that was the best ever), and most recently Rome. I don’t like getting on an airplane, but I will for these guys, or rather, for my boyfriend, Bono. Because I like what he says, and I love what he does. He has a platform, and he’s using it.

He’s making a difference.

I’m a writer.  I could write for entertainment alone, and sometimes I do. But I’ve charged myself with the task of also saying something that matters. I wanna make a difference too.

(And what kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn’t share the band’s latest music vid with you, released just yesterday!)

What kind of world would it be, if we all used our skills, our talents, our gifts, to make a difference? I think it would be pretty awesome, don’t you?




2 thoughts on “Why Bono’s My Boyfriend

    1. I couldn’t remember which story came first! Sometimes as a writer you have to choose between what to tell! Haha. You were definitely the one who told me Bono has a bedroom voice. And I definitely missed out on some fun times cuz I was sitting in your car listening to that album!!


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