I’m a Writer!

I knew I was destined to be a writer from a very early age… I was eleven, and in sixth grade. I had written a short story in response to the question, “If you were an animal, which one would you be?” I chose a koala. I have no idea why. But my story was the one my teacher, a very strict man by the name of Mr. Teeft, read out to the class.

As he read, I sat, cringing, at my desk. I had used the word “was” ad nauseam. When he asked if anyone noticed any problems with my work, I was the only one who raised my hand, to point out my own error. I could tell he was impressed, although I didn’t know why.

Like many writers, I wrote in secret, almost ashamed of my hidden talent. I pursued a “real job” in university, got my degree, got married, and had babies. I wrote now and then, but had decided that I wasn’t really a writer anymore, and maybe had never even been one. Because a writer writes. And I wasn’t writing much. And certainly not sending my stuff out! Horror of horrors! Who on earth would want to read what I wrote?

But one evening, I was out with some friends, and the discussion turned toward those things we felt we were meant to do. I heard myself say, “I’m a writer.”

It was so simple a statement, and yet so utterly profound to me. I had never identified myself publicly that way, and I looked nervously from face to face, waiting for the conversation to shift, but instead, everyone was enthralled!

One of my friends smiled at me and… nodded. An affirmation. That little nod gave me courage, and confidence. Something in me shifted, and I got to work.

I am busy with mothering and being a wife, but I’m learning how to balance my time, now that writing is my “work”. Once I made writing a priority (I write 4 hours, once a week), I finished countless short stories, and one novel (that Larry Brooks called a future bestseller).

I’m at the stage to start publishing, but once again my confidence is floundering.

Once again, I need to say, “I’m a writer, and I’m ready for my future.”

Once again, I need to find the courage to embrace my destiny, because I know what it is that I’m here to do.

Thanks for joining me in my journey!

6 thoughts on “I’m a Writer!

  1. Anytime your “confidence is floundering”, remember who’s given you this beautiful gift and look to Him for your pep talk. He’s got you! I can’t wait to read an Ami Cameron book, my friend!


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