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Cinnamon Road – Novel (Adult Fiction) – Release Sept. 2019

four women jumping in sea shore during daytime

   Photo Credit. Roberto Nickson @rpnickson                                           

Fifteen year old cousins Ali, Meg, and Lucinda, have always looked forward to their summers at Grandma E’s lake house, a place they lovingly dub Cinnamon Road. But this summer, something is off. Ali isn’t acting herself, and even though the rest of the family shrugs it off as teenage hormones, Meg and Luce have their own suspicions.

Then tragedy strikes. Ali is dead, and no one knows how or why.

Grief is a strange thing and soon the family, who was once so close, is blown apart by suspicion, blame, and questions no one has the answers to.

Fast forward ten years. Lucinda is in New York City, supposedly living the dream, but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. She has a drinking problem, her job as a fashion photographer is a bust, her boyfriend has just dumped her, and to make matters worse, Meg, who she hasn’t talked to in a year, just announced that their step-cousin is getting married – at Cinnamon Road.

Lucinda has no intention of attending, but when she loses her job and hits rock bottom, she has no more excuses.  Terrified, but duty-bound, she heads back to the place of her deepest affection, and her gravest heartache.

On Cinnamon Road, the pain of loss still circles the family. As Lucinda begins to unravel the mystery around Ali”s death, the bottom of a bottle may not be enough to get her through this time.


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